VIDEO: Odmítá testy mozku! Hillary hrozí Alzheimer a DEMENCE!

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Video s projevem Clintonové jasně ukazuje, že její oči se pohybují každé jiným směrem. Od jejího kolapsu 11. září to ještě není ani 14 dní a tato nahrávka podporuje spekulace o jejím zdravotním stavu. Přitom platí, že Američané chtějí mít v čele silného lídra…

Původní článek

  • Democratic candidate says she has ‚met the standard‘ of others running for president
  • Says there is ‚no need‘ to take neurological test, after stumbling at Sept. 11th event before revealing she had pneumonia
  • Florida TV reporter Sarina Fazan says Clinton and her opponent, Donald Trump are at elevated risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease because of their age
  • Questioner notes that her brother is a neurosurgeon who once operated on an unnamed Clinton aide

Hillary Clinton is ruling out taking a neurological test following a Florida TV anchor’s question about elevated risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s among older people.

‚There’s no need for that,‘ Clinton said when she got asked the question by Florida ABC anchor Sarina Fazan in an interview in Orlando.

Clinton at first joked when she got asked if she would take ‚some neurocognitive test‘ given the elevated risks for degenerative disease ‚because of your age.‘

‚I’m very sorry I got pneumonia,‘ Clinton shot back with a laugh. ‚I’m very glad that antibiotics took care of it. And that’s behind us now.‘

She continued:  ‚I’ve met the standard that everybody running for president has met in terms of releasing information about my health.

Pressed by Fazan, who told the candidate that her brother is a neurosurgeon who once operated on a member of her staff, Clinton stood her ground.

‚There’s no need for that. The information is very clear. And the information, as I said, meets the standards that every other person running for president has ever had to meet – and I’m happy that we’ve met and even exceeded them in certain ways,‘ she said.

Clinton, 68, said Donald Trump’s, 70, disclosures paled by comparison.

‚I have to say, my opponent has not met that standard. So I am very happy that we have put out all the information that there is, that reflects on my health. And I am physically, mentally healthy and fit to be president of the United States.‘

Clinton didn’t mention it, but Trump’s father, Fred, suffered from Alzheimer’s late in his life, although Trump’s medical information released to the media didnt mention it.

Clinton didn’t have any public events Thursday as she prepares for Monday’s presidential debate.

On Monday, campaigning in Philadelphia, her eyes darted quickly from side to side, according to video posted by The American Mirror. Blogger John Binder wrote that Clinton ‚appeared to have something quite off about her appearance.‘ She appeared to be reading from teleprompter screens located on either side of the podium.

Clinton’s comments provided the latest information on the state of candidate health and disclosure in the race.

She acknowledged getting pneumonia after she stumbled following a Sept. 11th ceremony she had to leave early in New York.

He campaign subsequently released a letter from Clinton’s physician stating that she is ‚recovering well with antibiotics and rest.‘

‚She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States,‘ wrote the physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack.

In late 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion after falling in her home while suffering from a illness that made her dehydrated.

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