NY Post: Z Hillary už je zle i samotnému Bohu! Bílý dům se Trumpovi otevírá! FBI vyšetřující Hillary dál sráží její preference

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Možná proto chtěli demokrati, aby tolik voličů využilo předčasné hlasování! Věděli, že další skandály na sebe nenechají čekat… A teď už se to jasně ukazuje. Donaldu Trumpovi se otvírají brány Bíleho domu. Najednou jeho vulgární nahrávka z autobusové šatny vypadá zcela nicotně, od začátku to bylo jen tlachání, ale média se snažila seč mohla jeho řeči zveličit. Teď je to ale jiné. Hillary vyšetřuje FBI! FBI! A je to o to horší, že původně chtěli případ odložit. Ředitel Comey tehdy Hillary daroval život, když vyšetřování odložil. Případ tedy musí být mnohem vážnější, když jej znovu otevřeli, ještě takový kousek před volbami. A je tu i další problém, pokud by byla zvolena, její páky na FBI by byly zase větší a pokus zahrát vše do ztracena zase trochu snažší. Američané, vysušte tu washingtonskou bažinu!!!

Původní článek

It looks as if the gods finally got sick of her.

Maybe it was the web of sleaze revealed by WikiLeaks or her brash talk of making nutty Joe Biden secretary of state.

Or maybe Hillary Clinton just ignored too many maxims, including the one that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. (No offense to real dogs, because Anthony Weiner is a lower species.)

Whatever the breaking point, fate jumped aboard the Trump Train yesterday. Because Big Mo already was a passenger, there is now a growing chance that Donald Trump will be America’s 45th president.

We can’t know for sure what will happen in 10 days, but some things are certain. One is that events have a vote and the FBI letter to Congress is the most dramatic event in a campaign that has been positively bursting with them.

October surprises don’t get any bigger.

Suddenly, the “Access Hollywood” tape doesn’t look so crucial. And the certainty that Dems would take both houses of Congress dissolves into illusion.

And it’s largely because FBI ­Director James Comey, who recently gave Clinton new life by not prosecuting her, is reopening a wound as well as an investigation. His letter, though brief and shy on details, tells us enough to reinforce the widely held conviction that Clinton remains dishonest and untrustworthy, even with the FBI.

Her reputation has dogged her from the start, and now comes the most sensational reminder from a very important source at a very late date.

Notwithstanding the irony that it comes from the same man who gave her a pass, Comey’s letter will be enough to convince some wavering voters. Trump will get an immediate bounce, and Clinton will take a hit. How big will become clear in days.

Depending on who’s counting, the universe of voters who are undecided or open to switching candidates is as big as 15 percent. Not all will move to Trump, but suffice it to say, Comey didn’t win Clinton a single vote Friday.

Desperate to stop the bleeding, she can play the victim card, as some on her team immediately did, but that reflex is not likely to work this time. As we learned from WikiLeaks, even her top staff thought a private server was crazy and a sign of what one called her “terrible” instincts.

She created an issue where none existed, and it may ultimately sink her.

The best she can hope for is another and quick clean bill of health, which is why she personally demanded that the FBI release all it has. That’s a reasonable demand because it’s not fair to make her box against shadows, but it may not be possible because the issue reportedly involves material that is potentially classified.

Again, she has only herself to blame.FBI found Huma’s emails on laptop she shared with Weinerfound on a gadget belonging to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top aide and Weiner’s wife.

If true, that fact alone reinforces suspicion that the initial FBI investigation into Clinton was shoddy.

Why did the gumshoes not get that device and those e-mails before? The answer could involve the FBI decision not to use a grand jury and subpoena power, but instead to take the highly unusual route of making informal agreements with Clinton and her team, including giving five people immunity.

The first probe severely damaged the FBI, so there is divine logic in justice making a U-turn. Meanwhile, the election of the next leader of the free world, and maybe history itself, turns on a little hinge.

What a time, what a country.


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